Would you be interested in a Webinar on Animate?

Is there any interest out there for Toonboom-hosted Web Seminars in which we train you on various topics of the software? If there is interest for this, then I’ll start a new topic and you can reply with some topics that you think would be interesting to learn in this kind of a setting.

A very goog idea!

Could you give more details? How does the web seminar work?

Are you talking about a paid course similar to the ones that are sometimes in the toonboom letters?

I tend to think, especially if free, there more demand for video tutorials. They also “live on” in that new users find them.

Well we don’t have many details at the moment, as it’s still just an idea that’s passing around - but I believe the idea would be there would be a small fee. There would need to be a minimum number of students enrolled in order to cover the cost of the trainer’s time, I would think.

Details still to be ironed out, naturally. However if there is a demand for it, then we can investigate the idea.

Personally I feel this sort of thing to be successful (ie get the numbers required) would need to be introductory in nature. That would probably reduce my interest in it as I feel I am fairly okay with Animate.

This means the people that would be the most interested would probably be the people who read the newsletters but don’t come to the forums.

If it was advanced I would take a look at the content, but being in Australia it will probably be at a bad time for me, guess there has to be some sacrafices for living in the best country in the world :smiley:

It also depends who does it. I bet if Adam Phillips ran it you would have no issues getting numbers.

Yes! I would be quite interested. I think there’s a real need for this especially with people who are new to the application. Great idea!!!

I would be interested…

But it would be great if you could watch them later as well.

I would be interested to get insight into the process of a professional studio…like seing them at work, animating an dexplaining what they are doing.


A bit off the topic, but south park has a ton of making of videos on their official site which go through the process in a generic way which doesn’t matter what software you use. They are really interesting and focus on storyboarding.

Aha, great!

Thanks for the info!


i would be interested too

My problem is the Jet lag ( time difference ??? )

I would definitely be interested.

I vote yes for Pro as an owner of it but would also be interested is the standard presentation if that was what was offered.

yes, interested!

I’d definitely be interested, especially on topics like applying templates and the Network view. Those still confuse me!

I wanted to say:
I vote for Animate! :slight_smile:

I’m sort of a struggling college student. It was hard enough to gather enough money to pay for Animate. Having said that, I have to complete a short cartoon in the next coming weeks, and a web seminar would greatly help me get use to this program. I’d be willing to do the seminar, if the seminar isn’t stretching my wallet. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, put me down for animate.

I think a webinar would be awesome. Perhaps the following things would be taken into consideration:

1. Take questions from those enrolled in the class once the main presentation is over so that students will have an opportunity to further understand something that was unclear for them.

2. Have the webinar available for download in your store for the same price as the webinar. The advantage of being able to attend the live lecture would be that you could ask questions and get immediate feedback.

3. Cover advanced techniques that aren’t already mentioned in the official tutorials on the Toon Boom site. I’d love to see a pipeline utilizing cutout rigs and props or perhaps a full scene from start to finish.

I’m interested, as I’m learning and trying to make a change from still cartoon drawings to animation. Price and scheduling would determine whether participation is possible.

A good idea!
I would suggest to make it about some aspect of animation projects, for instance script writing, sounds and sound effects, pitching a project, etc. and then apply it to Animate (PRO).
The existing tutorials get you started perfectly and then it’s more a matter of working with the tool to gain experience. A webinar for that and for specific details wouldn’t be the right medium in my opinion.
If you ask money for it (which I can understand), it would really need to add significant value to the participants! I would be hesitant in taking that approach.

Hi Lilly,

Definitely yes. I’m interested in learning how to use the IK tool efficiently among other things. I struggle everytime I try to use the IK tool. I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong - the bones point every which way and when I select a foot to position it in a pose (walk cycle), the foot freezes up and won’t rotate so that I can’t move it in a forward position (that’s one problem). Another one is that sometimes my puppet flies apart when I try to position it in a pose.

Is there a no-brainer tutorial available now for using the IK tool? Does the IK tool work the same in Animate Pro as Harmony (meaning that the procedure is the same)?

Thanks, much.


The IK tool does indeed work the same in Animate Pro as it does in Harmony. If you have all kinds of bones facing every which way, it might be because you’ve created your hierarchy with pegs and you need to exclude the drawing layers. I’ll see if I can route out a previous post I might have made regarding IK - or I can give you a hand in another post than this one.

I’ll also double-check with the documentation team on when the tutorial pack for IK is coming out - they’re coming out with the first animation pack on Jan 14th but I’m not sure if they’ll do IK in that pack or if it will just be with the transformation tools, with IK to follow at a later date.