Would love to see a dropdown menu to decide on a naming convention for duplicates/clones!

I know this can technically be done through scripting, but I find that most ToonBoom users (at least the people I know) don’t really know how to script at all unfortunately.

It would be great to have a dropdown menu with a few options on how to rename duplicates. It could either be in settings, or as a pop-up that appears whenever you clone/duplicate. I find it’s a very common case scenario for people to be duplicating limbs for rigs, so it would be helpful to have options like:

  • Add “_(n+1)” (Default)
  • Replace “L” with “R”
  • Replace “Left” with “Right”

Going through and erasing the _1 and replacing R with L is very time consuming for me, especially if I’m trying to properly name all of the cutters and deformers and comps on top of the drawings and pegs. It would be really helpful to have some kind of button or setting to do this for me!

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Yes this would be super handy