Would I be able to animate in a style similar to the image I've attached?

I’m wondering if I’d be able to animate in a similar style to the attached image, without cutting lots of corners, in Harmony. I think I probably can, but I want to be sure.

Everything you see in that image would work in an animation created with Harmony. Your idea of “cutting corners” may be different than mine but there would be a range of different results depending on the animation technique used and your drawing ability. But the overall style and detail of this image could be referenced without compromise.

now im kinda wondering about Something like that too , what about this style? i really have no clue how to reproduce it but Always thought it looks really awesom , its actually 3D that looks like Drawings.



i know toon boom has some 3D features but not sure how all this works.

Same response applies to your referenced style.