I’ve created some new workspaces and did a lot of modifications.
How can I save out my workspaces and brush presets externally?
I don’t want to lose them when I switch my Windows or something.
Is there any folder inside TB directory that holds all these informations?

Thanks in advance

Hi Parseh

You can save the workspace: Go to the top menu Windows -Workspace -Save Workspace As. Name it and press OK. This will save your modifications as a new workspace. This will later be found together with the other workspaces in the top menu Windows - Workspace -Workspace.

The brush presets will when saved be saved until you delete them.

If you can export them I don’t know.

Best regards

Hi Ivar
I know how to save my workspace but my point is, I want to save it as a file so I can Import it when I reinstall ToonBoom. Thanks for the reply though.

Hi again

If you go to the Applications folder- Animate Pro 2 -tba -resources -layouts -animPro .

There is as far as I can understand the folders with the workspaces.
If these will be sufficient for your need I don’t know.


You gave me some ideas where to look for it. But I actually found it in this location:
\Documents and Settings\Parseh2020\Application Data\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate Pro\

Glad you found it.