Workspaces breaking / not saving / can't move toolbars to certain places

My workspaces are constantly getting lost. I use multiple monitors and like to have the Camera/Drawing in a separate window with Tools, Advanced Animation, Deformation and Playback all in that window.

Often, not always, but quite often when I relaunch Harmony 14, The camera window is gone, and I cannot move the toolbars back to the window.

I have to restore the default workspace and build my workspace all over again.

For one, why can I add toolbars to some floating windows and not to others? It would be annoying but not an issue if I could simply pull the tools back to the camera window.

But why are my workspaces not saving properly? Can I turn the autosave off?

So I just discovered that windows with a single tab can’t have toolbars. Didn’t know that, and it’s a little strange, but I’ll deal with it.

In other words, if I reopen the camera window after it’s gone, and add the drawing window tab to that floating window, it seems I can add all the misplaced toolbars back without having to Restore the Default workspace and drag all the others things back into place.

Not ideal, but a LOT less trouble that resetting first.