Workspace recovering!?

Hi! Is there a possibility to recover the custom workspaces?
Did anyone knows a workaround to save the workspaces and after reinstall ToonBoom4 to import the previous workspaces?

best regards

It is my understanding that the workspaces file is overwritten on a new installation. Ugo, am I mistaken?


Depends on which OS you are. For Mac the workspace are saved inside the preference file in library so unless you completely clean up your Mac reinstalling the same version should not affect the workspaces (they should be kept in memory).

As for Window the workspace should be saved in the registry and when you uninstall the software you are asked whether or not you want to delete the preferences. If you don’t everything should load back properly.

Now what I think his question relate to is to be able to find a way to get the workspace from the previous version to the new one. This can’t be done (at least not from any previous version to 4.0) since the new version interface works completely differently.

Hope this answer the question.