workspace for left handed user?

Hello, we see how to move some views around in the SB Pro workspace. Is there a way to dock the color, tool properties and layer palette on the left?

Any help would be great.

Ken R.

Hi roskotron

You can move The windows around until the workspace is to your satisfaction. I think that apply to all windows Colors,Tool Properties and Layers included. Also the toolbars can be moved around.
Then go to the Top Meny -Windows -Workspace -Save Workspace As.
Name it as you want and save. You will now find it on the list of available workspaces.
But I can’t see that the actual windows can be changed, like Timeline/Thumnails will run from left to right.And the layers list(not window) will pop out to the right in the Camera View/Stage View .
The above does not apply to SB 1.5.

Best regards