Workout Series: Project Development in Toon Boom Studio

Hmm. I just bought this work-out from the Toon Boom store. The presentation is pretty ok. But looking through it, the bulk of the info covered was taken from the user guide. Project setup, output formats,
lipsyncing, and the other features were covered in the user guide and
accompanying tutorials that came with the purchase of TBS. There are
scant entries about structure drawing, posing, timing, etc. This
workout doesn’t include tutorial or sample files to apply the thinly
covered topics. The series was $24.95 at the time I bought it. As I said
before, about half or better of it was in the user guide. Spend the
$24.95 on a real book on cel animation. This flimsy PDF was not worth
the price. By any stretch.

The Project Development Workout Series lesson addresses an area that has long been considered very important and not previously well addressed. Many users and potential users of Toon Boom Studio have often voiced, in these forums, their desire for an orderly, organized and logical presentation of Toon Boom Studio from a project overview perspective. This lesson answers their request.

Many of the items presented are also presented in a fragmented form in various other Toon Boom published manuals and materials. The problem has always been the lack of these materials being presented in a format that logically approaches in a stepwise organization the production of an animation project from start to finish. So the value of this lesson is not so much in the uniqueness of the material presented but rather in the way the material is organized and presented so as to provide a structured approach and overview from a specific perspective.

This is a very ambitious undertaking and could easily have been subdivided into 10 to 15 individual Workout Series lessons. It certainly is not “must buy and read” material for every TBS user particularly those more experienced in digital animation production. It certainly covers a very broad range of topics and is very well organized and logical in its approach to producing animation projects. It is certainly a great launching point for those new to digital animation production and projects. Its only major shortcoming is that it falls short of sufficient depth of detail in many of its important topic presentations. As I stated, it is a very ambitious undertaking to try to tackle such a broad and diverse scope of discussion in a single lesson. None the less it is a good learning tool focused toward answering many user and potential user requests for a logical organized overview of the animation project production process in TBS.

I won’t comment on the price beyond saying it all depends on the needs and perspective of the individual. For someone just starting out with little or no prior digital animation background, this is a great place to get your head around the subject from an overview perspective, or you can fumble through reading these forum posts for about six weeks and piece together an overview of your own. Your time might be better spent. But I will comment on the “buy a real book on cell animation”. There literally is not a single book written that is any better at covering the subject of animation projects in a digital environment specifically oriented to Toon Boom Studio. There are plenty of books written about animation, old and new, and you can spend a small fortune buying them. The problem still is that each presents bits and pieces of the subject and the reader is left to patch together an overview. It is certainly possible but again it would take most people new to the subject six months or more of fumbling along just to get the quality of overview presented in this Workout Series Lesson. As always this is just my personal opinion and I am not affiliated with Toon Boom Technologies and I’m just an old cartoonist who volunteers his time and knowledge to help others and answer questions. -JK

Not affiliated with Toon Boom? And such lively rhetoric! They should put you on the payroll. Maybe in the Spin Dept. Yes, as I said, the $24.95 is better spent on a real animation book. Very promising are: “The Animators Survival Kit” by Richard Williams and “Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation Vol. 2” by Brian Lemay. Both of these books are full of information on the art of animation, including production aspects and on the underpinnings of drawing the actual art/cels in the animation. Also, each book is at least 250 pages compared to the 53 page count of the “Workout Series: Project Development in Toon Boom Studio” pdf. As I have learned, expensively, you get mediocrity and less substance when you go for easy accesses.
So in closing, folks, Google the books from Lemay and Williams. And buy them, if you want learning material with depth. Don’t through away $24.95 on a skimpy pdf that will leave you with more questions than answers. :wink:

don’t be so hard on jk :wink:
he can’t put it shorter but one can learn a lot from some of his entries.

If you feel so inclined, that you have been mistreated, I suggest that you write to and ask them to please refund your purchase. These are nice people who really care about their customers and they have no intention of mistreating people. This Workout Series is a service and no one is forcing anyone to use that service. You obviously don’t want or need the information provided.

As to your book recommendations they are OK but not the best choices in this case. This book is an infinitely better choice for a person wanting to get a detailed overview of the entire process.
All About Techniques in Drawing for Animation Production (All About Techniques Series)

And as far as the Workout lesson under discussion, the fact that it helps to identify and perhaps raise questions for further investigation is a good thing as that in itself means the reader has learned enough to begin to ask the right questions. -JK

for a beginner every question is a right question.

Yes, JK. Good book you suggested. Although the reviews point towards that one as being a clone of the one I suggested.

I wouldn’t dream of asking Toon Boom for my money back. But as the saying goes, fool me once… etc, etc.

It is a business. The primary goal of which is to make money. Toon Boom is not some church feeding the hungry or an after school program for kids gone astray.

TBS is a fairly novel tool for animation and it will get better but TB should focus on developing the software and leave teaching to more capable hands.

Then again, if they sell enough hacked-together tutorials, they could use the cash to hire real writers.

Again folks, the numbers are plain: $24.95 for 53 pages. Think about that when you reach for the plastic.

Not a clone, Richard William’s book is excellent but not as broad in scope and doesn’t provide this much overview of total production. Williams is more detailed on animating technique. Brian Lemay’s book that you recommended hardy touches on animation or production as it is oriented to drawing and design of characters not animating them. Serge Camara’s book was translated from his native Spanish and is outstanding.

Please stop grinding your foot into the TBS folk’s neck, ask for your money back or not as you please, but you have trashed them enough and no one appreciates the continued negative comments. You won’t be getting much help from anyone here if you persist in being this way. -JK

and again: everyone has a right for his own statement about products one purchases.

what i don’t understand, jk, is your way as ‘we’ and speaking for all forum members. or are you an official forum representative nowadays?

They certainly do, but after three or four times repeating their same negative opinion in the same thread, it becomes more then an opinion it becomes vindictive and abusive.

I speak for no one here but myself. But just as I spend my valuable time helping others regularly, I also try to advise people when their actions are not beneficial to their own cause. You seem to want to stir this up into more than it is which begs the question what are your motives? or are you just bored and wanting to make idle conversation?

I advised the dissatisfied buyer to ask for a refund, I reviewed the Workout Lesson first hand before my first post and although people may feel that the price is too high, the quality of the lesson was very good for the audience it addressed which is people new to digital animation in specific. And it addressed many user requests for just such an organized treatment of the subject.

all those rips came after the initial post below:

These are my last remarks on this subject. I hope that “almc” will become a regular contributor to these forums and a constructive member of this community. So let’s move on. -JK

neither nor.
i’m just a hard-boiled individual and i don’t want anybody to address their answers to members questions with ‘we’ which could mean i may subscribe to their insights which in mostly not the case due to a schoolmasterly art.
that’s all.

JK, sometimes detructive is constructive. My advise/warning to the good folks here was sound and logical. And some advise for you, it’s easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world. That’s another way of saying, the world does not revolve around you or your opinion. Freedom of speech is most revered when you let the next person speak. That is the idea of a forum.

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