Working with the sound/audio tracks.

Hi,We are currently in production on a TV series, and are doing the animatics completely in ToonBoom - which gives a lot of advantages. We did come across a rather big problem of productivity when working with the sound/audio tracks.Last week I finished up a 3 day edit, was doing some small retakes (asked by the broadcaster) at the beginning of the episode, some speed and shot length changes etc … When I was finally done, nicely withing the deadline, I realized that the rest of the 7 minute edit was completely ruined because most audio tracks weren’t in synch anymore (and not all equally). They didn’t move along, or at least most of them, with the shots/panels.Since you can’t multi select the audio tracks (unless I missed a trick here) you can’t simply select all, and drag them back in place. I had to redo the entire edit, track by track - and spend another day on that, going over deadline :(Is there, or will there be a way to lock them to a panel?Is there, or will there be the option to multi select all audio, in all tracks ?Much thanks,Joeri[url=][url=]

Hi Lilly,How are you ? :)I have another problem with the audio synch.When you copy/paste a panel somewhere in the timeline (lets say in the middle) all audio after that point where you paste it, doesn’t move along with the images and the synchronization gets lost.It works when you drag those new, or recovered panels, put that isn’t very handy when you have a long time line… I had to stretch my Toonboom window over my 3 screens to see and be able to drag and drop :slight_smile: Is there another way to do this ? Much thanks,Joeri

On the right of the soundtrack, there are two buttons. The top button, which looks like a speaker, is the mute button. The bottom button, which looks like a music note on a square, is the button to keep the sound track in sync with the panels.

Make sure that the sync button is on and you shouldn’t have the same issue.

We can submit the multi-track selection as a feature request.


This is an issue that was resolved in the Service Pack, which was released last Thursday. You might want to discuss with your studio whether it’s possible to upgrade to the latest version for this fix.