Working with the Layer-Selector module

Im trying to use the Layer-Selector module to eliminate the output of the “underlay” drawing layer during export. But I’m running into an issue where it removes the underlay for the “camera view” but the exported image still has it.[url=] with [url=]ImageShack.usThis screenshot shows where I’ve placed the ‘layer-selector’ module in the workflow. I’m also scaling the export but am assuming this wouldn’t effect the final image. The Harmony User Guide uses it between every drawing layer and the main composite module, I’ve tried doing this as well but get the same results (No overlay shown in the camera view, but appears in export image)Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the layer selector module to function for this purpose?Thanks, Alamont

*Just a quick followup: I solved this problem by doing as Lilly suggested.By using a the composite module in pass-through mode and then in the Layer-Selector module unchecking all boxes, this gets rid of any unerlay layers from showing up in the display. Not sure why the Layer Selector doesn’t seem to effect the Line and Fill layer, but this achieves what I needed.

It’s been a couple of months but I’d still like to figure out how to have Harmony not render the underlay layer of all my layers when exporting. Is there a module that allows this to happen?

I’ve tried using the Layer Selector Module to eliminate the underlays but it’s not working for me. So I’ve been going through dozens of layers manually and removing the layer’s underlay by going to the layer >layer properties> then unchecking the “read underlay” checkbox in the “Vector Options” This gets a bit tedious when it’s 30+ layers.

I’m sure there a simple workaround but since this hasn’t gotten any responses in months I thought I’d give it a bump.


Hi matthewE

The links to your screenshots, I didn’t manage to open them.
Must admit I have never used the Layer Selector module.
Tried it out a little now. Seems that it will not work if placed after effects and composite modules. That means you can attach the drawings that does not have effects added to them to an extra composite module and set it to pass through. Then attach this to the Layer Selector and that again to the final composite.

If you use a lot of effects that will probably not help much.
You will still have to change properties for a many of the layers.
You probably know that there is a layer properties window, that immediately shows you the properties as you select the layers, and allow for changing the properties quite fast.
Maybe some other on this forum have a solution to this problem.

Best regards

Thanks for looking into it Ivar. I wonder if there’s a trick using some type of composite module or option to eliminate it. It’s odd because presumably using the underlay layer for sketching is what it was created for. But when done inking/painting on top layers, in most cases the output wouldn’t have the sketch layers. Seems like basic functionality. is missing.If anyone else has any ideas, they’d be greatly appreciated.


Well your issue may be because you’re putting this after a Bitmap composite. I’m not sure that a bitmap composite would retain the information of the sublayers.

You can try to set the composte to Pass Through and see if it works that way.