Working with really large resolutions


I am doing a specialised project that requires a resolution of 3840 by 2266. I can’t seem to be able to set up the toon boom scene any larger than 2k format and I can’t figure out how to export out the animation to after effects in either vectors (so that I can scale it up to my resolution) or increase the resolution of the scene.

Any help would be appreciated


It seems there is an option to export to pdf (with some limitations):

Quoted from Miu3

… did you know that in harmony, when you set the properties in the main composite node, the mode from “as bitmap” to vector and export the frame to pdf format, you can get this way an actual vector graphic editable in other programs? It may not store pencil lines width dynamics so you gotta convert that to brush strokes nor does it handle gradient colors well but it is still a existing option how to get vector graphic out of toonboom and then save it for example as SVG in inkscape

What edition of Harmony do you have? You don’t have any option over 2K in your scene settings? Essentials is limited to 2K, Advanced to 4K, and Premium to 8K. You can custom resolutions, for hi res illustrations, for instance, so I really don’t know how this maximum resolution works.

Luis Canau

ohh okay, damn I only have Harmony essentials. Thanks for your help!

Oh awesome Ill check this out thanks!

Did you try to make a custom resolution? When creating a new scene there’s the + sign, you can add a new resolution inserting the H and V pixels manually. I wonder if there’s any sort of limitation that would prevent you from rendering a sequence with a custom resolution higher than 2K…