Working with .pdf-layers and rigging


Im making a character from a picture of a man in a costume. I want to do a ragdoll of the entire character, so i use the method “rigging”. In photoshop i make every bodypart a different layer, and when i import this .pdf-file into TBS all bodyparts are still in a different layer. Fine, but when i start attaching the bodyparts to each other (left arm and right arm to the torso for ex.) they get smaller! As if when a bodypart is attached under another bodypart it shrinks, just for beeing “under” that other bodypart in the “body-hierarchy”. This is no problem when i do the same with “drawings” in TBS, but when working with imported .pdf-layers this occurs. Anyone know what to do? For example convert .pdf-layers into drawings?


Just found another topic that explained it all! Import and vectorize. Sorry, im new at this forum :slight_smile: