Working with files between animate 2 and Pro

Hi folks,

I am working with a group of people at my current gig and two of us are using animate 2, while the lead animator has pro. I was wondering if there were any problems or incompatibility with swapping files between the two software?

I’m assuming if the pro user used any effects or textured brushes not available to animate that the file would either not accept it or leave the effects out on the Animate users end.

We tried a quick test and we were able to open each others file, but that was just a simple doodle. Now we are getting deeper in production and the lead animator gave me some bgs with a truck in movement. Now I can open the file and select elements from the bg, but I can’t move them at all! Is this one of those incompatibility issues? The lead even took out the truck in animation out, but I still cannot select and move bg elements :frowning:

We figured based on the simple swapping test results that having just the lead have pro would suffice and save us some funds. Maybe we should upgrade to pro as well?

All files are foward compatable. Ie all standard animate can be opened in pro.

However they aren’t designed to be back compatable. I am suprised you could open any pro file in standard.

You do realise the person with pro can use his licence to open standard so you are all using the same.

Each version (Animate & Pro) can open one another’s file and go at it to a certain extent. Maybe Animate wasn’t able to do it, but in my Animate 2 I was able to do so maybe they allowed that capability in the new version?

I figured out the problem (actually a colleague of mine) and he tells me that the pro user has to disable 3d mode in their layers. I inform the lead (pro user) to do that and now I am able to move the bg elements and manipulate them in my animate 2 :smiley:

It is designed so that there is compatibility between Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2. However any effects will not show up, as you have determined. The ability to rotate objects in 3D, as you discovered, is also a Pro-only feature.

I hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:

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