Working with bitmaps

I am trying to vectorize some drawings and import them into toon boom studio. I have colored them in photoshop and have created an alpha channel so that it is transparent around the edges. When i vectorize my image it strips out the color leaving only black and white. What am i doing wrong? The drawings have an air brush feel to it but i am not sure if that is possible to acheive in toonboom? I don’t want to use just flat color, but more of a variation in tone. Any help is appreciated, thanks


TBS does not vectorize colors when you import and vectorize. If you want to maintain your colors and textures you need to import your work as images. You also can import textures as bitmaps and paint vector images to be textured that way but not thru import vectorization. -JK

first of all: hello.
as already said, you can’t edit bitmaps in tbs, so you can’t import them with colors and shades, everything will get vectorized.

but you could try tvpaint tool (formerly mirage, from bauhaus software) or you wait for any of the future versions of tbs. the bitmap editing feature is high on the wish list.