Working with Animate and Animate Pro

Hello, I’m currently working in a long project, a 10 min feature short.

Nonetheless, a team of us has Toonboom Animate (Mac) and another team owns the Toonboom Animate Pro (PC).

So, I did my job on Animate, sent it to an Animate Pro user and when he saved a message popped out:

"This project was created using another product. Saving will promote it. It will not be possible to revert to the other product. Modified drawings will be upgraded as well. Do you wish to continue?"

So, we pressed yes. He did some drawings as a test and then got the file on the Animate version and opened it, and it worked fine. Nonetheless, once I pressed save the same message popped again.

So the question is, will an issue emerge later on?
We are only using the Animate Pro version to do frame by frame animation (no texture) to avoid issues.


thanks, that’s a relief!

Animate and Animate Pro are compatible with each other as long as you’re on the same version. If you’re both on Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2, it will be fine. But if you switch from Animate Pro 2 to Animate 1, you will not be able to open your files. I would recommend doing some tests to make sure.

If you were to do some effects in the Network View, then those effects won’t display properly in Animate.