Working together on an animation

I am thinking about working on an animation with someone else. What would be some ways i could go about that?

if you want to work simultaneously on one production, then you’d need a teamwork tool, like opus or harmony (i dunno which ones have it) or you simply exchange the working directories under studio (edit → MUST be the same version).

there is also a possibility to work on various scenes in studio, but here you should maybe wait for jk. he uses studio in their company.

Rob is correct that we are big into distant geographies for collaboration. There are many methods that work from FTP uploading and down loading of whole project files to the more efficient exchange of template files. Remember that in TBS any scene can be bundled up as a template and that template is accessed as a file which can be transmitted via FTP or e-mail and imported on the TBS system of the receiver. As a general rule we just work in small projects which we can pass around and one central director is responsible for assembling the small projects into larger projects. The key is to use the library management and template system as the collaboration tool. Also on some projects only one person does the animation and compositing while others do voice recording and sound recording and others do the story boarding and scripting etc. Animation is a naturally collaborative type of endeavor.

HERE is a link to a blog article about collaboration in animation overcoming the barriers of distance between collaborative partners. -JK