Working on a cloud file between 2 computers

I am working on a project that is stored on Dropbox. I would like to be able to work on my computer at the office, then when I leave for home, be able to work on it on my tablet. I have successfully done this but when I returned to work this morning, returned the license from my tablet and re-activated it on my desktop, when I tried to open the file, I get an error saying the file is open on my tablet, which isn’t the case since I saved and then closed the file and shutdown the tablet. Any ideas on what is happening?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

*****EDIT, looks like it resolved itself. I think maybe the file hadn’t finished uploading to the cloud or something. I tried opening it again after posting this and it opened without issue.


Does the company have strict security policies in place?

You could also copy the project to a flash drive.

This is not really safe to do. Editing a project from Dropbox or any
folder on your computer linked to cloud storage can introduce
delays that can potentially corrupt your project.

It’s better to edit the project from a folder on your computer’s
hard drive then then zip the folder and move it to cloud storage
for archiving/backup instead.