Working in Drawing Mode

Is there a way to work with an element in drawing mode and not have changes I make in one exposure not effect another exposure?

For example lets say I draw a happy face and I want to change the mouth expressions but keep everything else about the face?

I find that I can cut and paste but when I change one thing I change everything about the element.

I know I can just create a new element and then cut and past the changes but something tells me there is a way I can do it.

Any help would be great! I was able to do this in Version 1.2.1(I am on a MAC) and I would think I would be able to do it in V 2.5.


Evan Jacobs

::slight_smile: Something doesn’t sound right.

For each individual cell, the changes should be individual.
Are you sure you’re actually on a new exposure/cell?

The problem you’re describing sounds like you’re editing the same cell that you started with.
Also, when you say “cut” do you mean “copy”?
Maybe if you are actually using “cut”, creating a blank cell, that you are not advancing in the exposure sheet?

When I’m creating stuff, I’ll usually start by running through my exposures quickly, writing a small number on the bottom right corner of the cell.
With one hand on the “s” key, to advance, and drawing 1,2,3,4,5, etc.
Then, when I start drawing and advancing to different cells, I can tell quickly that I’m on a new cell.
After I’ve created content on the cells, I go back and delete my numbers.
I may have started doing this as I wanted to jump around on cell numbers out of order. And ToonBoom wants something on the cell before it considers it worth counting.

Hope that helps,

Brian Hoard
BHH Studio


Basically I am in the drawing section with each individual cell. Then I draw a happy face and then copy and paste it for 10 drawings. Lets say after that I change the expression for the 10th drawing drawing. EVERY EXPRESSION in the drawing would change.

How I did it in 1.2.1 is I would make a drawing of a characters face and copy it for 20 drawings lets say. Then I could go in and modify each drawing as I saw fit.

For some reason I can’t do that…

Might I need to re-download the version of TBS 2.5 I already downloaded?


I am not sure how the Mac version works, but on the PC version if you copy and paste you have to use the, paste as new object. If you copy and paste as the same cell you get the same results you described.


"paste as new object"

all day I have been jacking around and that is all I needed to know.

thank you Vince, thank you Brian…

I really appreciate how helpful and supportive everyone is on this board. It is because of people like you that I have gotten better at this software and that I am learning more and more.

I am sure I will be back with many more questions as I embark on the nuts and bolts of making my feature film “1985-1986”, and I am positive I will continue to get world class help and support from everyone here.

you guys(and girls!) are great,

evan jacobs