Are there any threads on here discussing workflow? I’d be curious to see what others are doing.

I am developing a series that takes place in a video store. It’s great…well, I think it’s great…haha.

One tricky thing is the backgrounds, which are full of racks of videos (do we still call them videos?). This slows everything down alot.

How can I reduce the drag that these backgrounds cause while animating (I usually just hide 'em while animating…maybe that’s the best)

ONe idea I had today was to wait until AFTER animating EVERYTHING, even camera moves (which I do last) and then drawing in the backgrounds I need for my camera shots. I just thought of that…what I’ve been doing is
drawing big, elaborate backgrounds that would allow the camera to travel all over…this is cool, but maybe not the best way to go. (it’s attractive, because it seems i could reuse this stuff over and over forever, as my series goes on.

Kind of just wondering how you guys work.

Stay loose,

Banes (sean)

Referencing key aspects of backgrounds is very important in the layout of a shot or scene. So here is a great tip for minimizing the overhead while doing your character animation.

Create a “scratch” element for your backgrounds (by scratch element I mean one that you plan to discard eventually). On this scratch element you want to just sketch in the key objects or reference points of the background. No real details just a few strokes here and there showing the position of important objects that you want to reference for layout and positioning of your characters with respect to the props.

Keep it as simple as possible. Then when all the character animation is finished you can create your actual background elements to replace the scratch element and your ready to render your final work. -JK

JK, that sounds excellent…I was starting to think along those lines. Thanks again