Hi everybody. I’m new to ToonBoom and have done all of the tutorials and read through most of the online help, as well as this forum, which is a big help. But one big question looms – what is the ideal workflow for the ToonBoom user? Is it better to create each individual shot in its own document, then export all shots as Flash files, them reimport them in a new document and line them up in the timeline for a finished show? Or is it better to use “scenes” as individual shots? The way the timeline and exposure sheet are linked, it’s difficult to know which way has the least pitfalls in the long run. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

That’s what I started doing too, and it seems to work pretty well, though it’s radically different than how I’d ever do it in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or any other editing software. Maybe in animation parlance “scene” means “shot.”

Personaly im not using scene for one simple reason… i need to cut scene with some flash effect. So my final animation is in flash. But if you dont need effect… the best way is to use scene.