workflow...and a timeline question

Toon Boom rocks. It’s going so well; I have gotten quite comfortable
using this software. After setting up all props and character, etc elements as per the storyboard, I simulate camera cuts by programming exposures for however long I want 'em, then bringing in different elements for the different “shot”.

Then go through and do blinks, then lip sync (usually one character at a time) and finally head tilts and other cel swapping (which is easy and fun)

and finally programming the camera moves.

Bless all the helpful folks here for getting me to this point!

There are a couple weird things, though…

…when I extend an exposure, sometimes its child elements will extend all the way back to the beginning of the scene. Like, I’m putting in a background room…bringing it in in frame 50 and extending it to frame 400.
The parent element works great, from 50 to 400…but the child elements…SOMETIMES…will appear all the way back to frame 1.

This is a royal pain…especially when working a scene with 5000-6000 frames…which I do (not sure if that’s a good thing…haha)

My other timeline question is this - I regularly end up with one set of elements ‘one frame off’. that is, I’ll program it right (I think) but then element set 1 will become offset…so it ends on frame 12, and the next element set (or ‘camera shot’) doesn’t begin ‘til frame 14, leaving 13 blank. This is awkward to fix…I try, and it tends to move all the timeline tracks around, creating havok. going through the entire element set, when there are lots of children, is a pain. Hope that made sense…lol.

happy animatin’!


I put my workflow comments in another post. This was long enough…haha.


Concerning your exposure extension issue do you have a specific way to reproduce this. I have tried and so far did not get the child of the drawings to go back to frame 1 so it might have something to do with the tool used or the way to get there.

As for your second question I would need some more information on what you are trying to achieve (if you are making this blank frame on purpose)?

Best regards,


Hi Ugo,

I’ve tried to reproduce this effect, but haven’t been able to so far. I will get back to you if and when I can…thanks