Workaround to Export Vectors other than SWF

I’ve asked Lilly, but I was hoping others here on the forum may have a workaround for exporting ANY vector format other than SWF. My goal is to workaround the SWF export because it drops certain visuals like Pixmap textures and deformation (in Harmony). I realize this is a limitation of Adobe’s SWF and not Toonboom but will settle for a any vector-based output.

Is there a script or some openGL magic trick, heck even some quicktime codec that allows us to export a vector image sequence?

If I could get vector output, I could then import that into Flash and then output to SWF from there. I’m assuming the file size would be bigger, but my final output has to be SWF.

I’m using Animate Pro or Harmony and I’m on a Mac.