work with other people with toon boom


Sorry for my english, but it’s not my native language…

I work (try to… beginner!) with toon boom, and I wonder if it’s possible to work with other persons. (I mean technically)
Is it possible that one person work on background, and another on the character?
And if “yes”, how can I integrate his scenes (all the layers) in my project, or in a joint project?


You can use the library to move assets between scenes.

It is pretty simple.

For better network solutions, email support and they will go through your options. I am not experienced in that and can’t give any advice other than I know they have options for people to work together!

Ok, thanks.

I’m not an expert in templates!
I’m going to manage to do that… ;D

You can definitely work with multiple people. You can save templates, and import those templates into the master file. If you’re working with a large team, in a studio, then they’ll go with the Database version of Harmony, that has a server-client configuration so everyone can work on the same files together.