Work in Progress

Hello everyone. I’d like to show you something I’m working on at the moment. Maybe you could give me some feedback. I love palette styles. So handy. Did some experimenting with multiplaning (click on the last two images to watch, and oh, don’t mind the provisional skies).

Character rough animation

These are some roughs

And these are what they’ve become so far…
Day shot
Click on the image to go to the multiplane shot.

Night shot
Click on the image to go to the multiplane shot of this one.

Camera motion is that of a POV shot over the shoulder of a glow worm (not yet drawn). I hope you like it. Thoughts?


Just a quick note to say that I love this shot, especially how you’ve utilized the gradients on the roof tiles.

I made some further comments about this shot in our blurring discussion. Well done!

It does look terrific, and the rough animation you’ve got going is terrific as well! Nice timing and movement and secondary action.

I think I know the answer to this, but I’ll ask anyway: Are you working your backgrounds (above) from a photo or from concept? By the look of things it may not make much difference as your skills are pretty solid, and I’m guessing you have a good sense of perspective. Very nice backgrounds either way.

Will: Thanks, at first I only had two solid colors for the tiles, but since you can play around with them if they are in their respective palettes and you’ll see the changes immediately, I tried a gradient version of it. (interesting that if you search for colors inside TBS help, you’ll get 0 results, 'cause they use ‘colours’; would you care for some tea?) Looks nice, heh? I’ll try to advance with the rest of the backgrounds and the character animation, but I’ll come back and experiment with what we have been discussing. I think I see what you mean. I’ll tell you about it in your site, if you don’t mind me filling up the page with more comments.

Rob: I’m glad that you like them. Thanks for the nice words. As for your question, I don’t know what “from concept” is, exactly ;D, but if it is what I think it is, I guess both. Not one building is something that exists in real life, except for the church. (Story takes place in an old Guatemala City Neighborhood named after that church that still stands today; the problem is that houses now are more modern, because of two devastating earthquakes so I had to look elsewhere for the look and feel of the original architechture) I went into flickr and searched for a couple of pictures of Antigua Guatemala. From there I “mentally” extracted the most common, prominent and distinctive features of the architechture (windows, cast iron window bars, tiled roofs, chimeneys, etc.) and “imagined” my neighborhood and did the first roughs. Interesting that the perspective lines in the first one, were added afterwards, just to sort of fix it a bit, 'cause it looked more crooked, so I guess I’ve developed some sort of a sense for perspective. Here’s a screenshot of how I go about turning them into what you see last.


Notice how I send the element with the last row of buildings (where the church will be) to the static ligth table. (You could also send the rough there and turn it on/off accordingly; not in this case, because it wasn’t well done in the frontal rough) In a new drawing element, I build the church out of pure intersecting perspective lines (line tool) and a few diferent colored lines to make special details stand out. It doesn’t have to be millimetrically perferct, or even right, it just has to look convincing enough. After I’m done, I place that in the static light table and remove the one with the back row of buildings from it. I now work on top of that one tracing over the perspective linework, again with the line tool at 1. I make the points work the way I want them with the contour editor and “draw on top layer” and optimize. I also add some invisible strokes for cast shadows. Color goes last, with at least two colors for every element: a base color, and a tone color for shady areas (even with gradients). I’ll see if I can post links to the “reference pictures” when I get home.

At last, if you want a more cartoony look, you can do the same, only for the final trace, use your pen and tablet so that lines aren’t as straight.

Hello everyone.

This one is completely unrelated to my current project. What can I say, I wandered off. I wanted to see how far could one go trying to lose the e-card “vector drawing” feeling with TBS4. I think it looks nice. I wanted to show you guys. I’m going to animate some water effects on this one. I’ll post a link when I’m done.

Oh, I’ve got a bit of a surprise, but I’m going to post it in another thread.

This is really impressive stuff. I’m still just getting my feet wet in animation, and I definitely have a lot of catching up to do lol. Keep up the good work.

Hi rindolphus!

Do you have a teaser to show on the last one “e-card vector drawing”!?

Summary is right… its very nice work… Keep up the good work!
All best!