Work in Progress

new character for a new piece. The rest will be some time coming, but I worked on this as time permitted today. I got the audio from Animation Meat’s practice area.

Open to comments and criticisms of all kinds.

its looks nice
have u done any character which is doing any dancing moves …i mean any dancing character , nowadays i am learning to do dancing moves with cutout animation technique :slight_smile:

Not yet, but I’ve got a scene where I want to do a little bit. Nothing too serious; the guy will be dancing while he works.

And after a little more work on animation and shading

yeah nice improvement , will guide me how did u put a little bit of shading in it ?


First, when I create a color palette for a character, I’m sure to make three versions of each color–the regular color, a Highlight version (less saturation), and a Shadow version (less value).

I took my brush (the pencil also works) and used red to make it visible, since I’d be deleting it afterward.

Using the red stroke, I created a border for the shaded area, being careful to leave the line protruding from the ends of the shape being shaded.

Then I use the paint bucket to dump the shadow color into the region created by the red line, and delete the line.

If you do this while in Camera View, you can match shadows between elements, like the shin and the thigh, or the forearm and the bicep.

hey man, looks nice… i was wondering if there was anyone else one the site who has stuff up to check out, so far your the only one i’ve seen. I been to ur site an what not, jus curious about what other animators are doin wit the program…

thank u Rob Campbell :slight_smile: for ur explanation !