Work in progress

I’m working on a tobacco education cartoon with a counselor at the school where I work. Thought I’d share a good shot.

I should note that the character was purchased as a Flash character pack from Cartoon Solutions, then imported into Toon Boom and rigged with pegs. The flame was also done by Cartoon Solutions, and I got it by entering in their contest a few months ago.

hehe, cool :slight_smile:
a good face expression while inhaling of the smoke.

the only thing is the breathing. i would integrate the outline below the breasts into the breathing process, too. otherwise it looks as if the air would gather in the boobs only.

and keep us up to date with your project :slight_smile:

I’ve been considering ways to get that line not to break. The abs and chest are on separate pegs, and on the inhale I have the abs reducing a little on the H-scale and the chest increasing slightly on the H-scale. Likely I can leave the abs alone and move the chest forward slightly to keep the line continuous.

I also need to draw another mouth in-between after she exhales.

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