Work in progress (almost there!)

I’m excited about this project. Open to ideas and criticism. I’m pretty untickled with the “My eyes!” dialog and will change that to something different as soon as I think of something. I’m thinking something quieter and more grumbly. Funnier would be good.

Anyway, here’s where I am so far:


Great work! cant find anything… Good feeling into it!

Keep up with the good work!

hey good job man. is this pegged or keyframe ?

This looks really good. I kind of like the ‘my eyes!’ line. Maybe if you said it in a different kind of voice, it might seem funnier to you. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you using to record your dialog?

Thanks folks!

Most of what you see is keyframes and in-betweens. I used a mouth element masked off by a shape I created from the drawing of the guy minus his arms on the “my eyes” line. I did use some pegged work where I could get away with it, but to get the look I wanted, pegs really was getting to be a pain in the neck.

I did come up with an alternative to the line. I hope to post another work in progress today. I wound up adding a shot in there.

Recording was done with a Blue Snowball and Audacity. I had to use my son’s computer (my old computer with XP) to record as Vista has a problem with USB microphones. Hard to record with kids and family around. Unfortunatley I did that fairly late in the process.

With all the effects and drawn frames it is turning into kind of a heavy file.

Very cool to see, I love it. The effects are great, and you work 2D and 3D-style effects in quite well.

still in progress, but at a spot enough to put it on youtube:

Thanks Will, and thanks for the comment at YouTube!