work in layers?!! Please help

I’m attempting a simple animation with a figure. I don’t want to redraw every line if I don’t have to. How do I, for instance, have an arm pass in front of the torso? I assumed I could just draw the arm on a separate layer like most drawing software but I can’t figure it out. I even bought the lame TBS tutorial but it only covers the very basics for $60!!! Please help as I’m under a deadline and it’s too late to go with another software.

In TBS layers are called elements. In drawing view you can see through multiple elements as if using a light table by toggling on the Auto-Light table feature (keyboard shortcut L). The drawing for each element is called a cell and an image is created by layering the cells of multiple elements one on top of the other for a single frame.

I highly recommend that you go to the Cartooning In Toon Boom Learning track and read the articles under the heading Introduction and Fundamental Concepts. They should get you rolling on your animating. As you have time there is plenty of material there. If you have additional questions just ask. -JK

Thanks so much for responding so quickly. That’s exactly what I needed to proceed. I’ve used TB before but it’s been a couple of years.

Is there a way to turn off elements?

Absolutely. On the Timeline panel there is a track label list of elements and by each elements name there is a check box. If the box is checked the element is included in the render and if unchecked it is excluded.

Also on the Exposure Sheet there is an elements list that you can open on your right hand side of the sheet and next to each elements name there is a check box. If the box is checked then the element is visible on the exposure sheet and if the element is unchecked the element is hidden on the exposure sheet to help reduce clutter. This is only for hiding elements on the exposure sheet and those hidden elements are still included in the render.

Only the timeline allows you to exclude an element from the scene render. -JK

Thank you again.