Work disappeared, HELP!

I am running Toon Boom 6.0 on a PC. Using Windows XP 64bit service pack 2. Graphic card is Nvidia Quadro FX 4500. Imported images as vector pdf fils from Corel Draw x5. I am only annimating 200 frames. Charater is a puppet, not using the “bones” technique. I was almost done, and runnining back and forth on the timeline checking the movement when frames 0-108 whent blank. The elements are still there. I can tobble the show/hide button and click the individual elements to see them. I can click the individual elements and also view them in drawing mode. But in camera view there is nothing unlit frame 109.

Did you move any of the folders your production is in? Rename or add folders to your project? Seems like you just may be missing the drawings/ artwork…

This happened to me when I tried to manually move a bunch of library files and again when I tried to re-arrange folders to organize my project better.

Try putting the folder structure/ names back to what they were.

If not try Customer Support.

No, no folders or libraries were moved around. What i discovered was 1 simple object. It was a line that had a stroke. During the squence I was stratchin it over the corse of the frames. Well I guess Toon Boom can’t handel it. One can only strech a line about 2/3 of your camera view. Once I deleted the element, everything came back. I didn’t loose anything. So i went about it a different way. Instead of streching a line with a stroke. I made a very skinny box. It streched just fine, and worked for what I needed.