Won't paint vector image

When I import or scan a vectorized image into Animate, it will not let me paint or draw on the image. A circle with a line through it comes up over the image. I have pushed every button in the program and nothing seems to help.

Is there a default switch that I am missing?

The trial version seemed to allow this operation after I switched out of animation mode. …And yet my fully purchased version does not seem to work.

Please help!

Thank you for your time. Timothy Brewer 917-771-5411

When you import an image, if you leave it as a bitmap layer (i.e. do not vectorize) you will not be able to use any of your drawing tools on that layer.

You can choose to vectorize as Black and White, and what it does in this case is it takes the line of the drawing and creates a black vector line out of it, and the white of the paper becomes transparent.

Or you can vectorize as colour, and what it does in that case is it simply sticks the whole image into a rectangular box, and you can use your brush or eraser tools or what have you on that one. You would not be able to just paint it right away, since it’s effectively a rectangular texture stuck into a box.

Hope this clears things up.