Wont let me draw

Im tryig to start a practice walk animation but its not letting me draw.
Like i cant make a mark or anything im slecting the fram i want to draw in but nothing.
the brush nor pencil tool is making any mark.

Have you ever been able to draw a line since installing and activating the software?

Is this a licensed or trial installation?

Which version of Harmony are you using?

Can you show a screen capture of your interface?

Hi im also using Harmony trial version 15 but im not able to draw anything on the screen plz [;z help me

Im having the same problem, re-loaded a drawing i started and it has a no sign whenever I try to select a brush and paint

same problem ,I just installed trial of Harmony advanced 15 and when I try to draw I get no mark at all.

Do you have the layer hidden? I’ve had that problem multiple times; not realizing the layer had been hidden (either intentionally or unintentionally) and wondering why it wouldn’t let me draw.

Send some screenshots.
Try creating a new layer, and make SURE!! youre clicking the brush or pen tool up in the corner. It may be an issue with your drawing tablet otherwise