Won't Launch

Yesterday SBPro 1.5 was working just fine and today it won’t launch. I will see the first splash window but it fails to get to the project chooser stage. The only variable I can see is a windows update. My computer is Microsoft surface pro, OS windows 8. I tried reinstalling the software and disabling windows firewall with no success. Animate pro PLE is behaving the same way.

Hi CraigE
… sitting with similar problem of failure to launch trial version of Storyboard Pro .At least you got yours working .Running on Windows Vista version 7 and not sure how to begin to negotiate this hitch .

There have been reports of the firmware upgrade to the Surface Pro causing Toon Boom products to crash. Toon Boom is looking into a permanent solution for this issue.

In the meantime, reset the Surface Pro back to the factory defaults and update everything except the firmware which should allow Storyboard Pro to launch again.

Just bought storyboard pro ive used it before it wont open when i start the application

You will need to provide some details.