Won't export my scene to movie

Hi! It seems that Harmony 12 won’t export my scene to movie files for some reason, it exports them to swf format perfectly, but when I want to export the scene to movie, no matter what options I would choose and click ok button just nothing happens. Can you help me with this issue? I really need to render my scenes!

I have Quick time installed
My operation System is Windows 10 x64


Just wondering if you found a solution to this problem, as I am having it as well, I also have Quicktime installed and am using Windows 10.

just export image sequence and then in a video editor create the movie :wink:

Kindly clarify “nothing happens”. Is the render bar not appearing? You might wanna check the settings on your write node.

Have you tried “Render Write Nodes”? It might work.

You might wanna put a new Write Node, set aside the old one and try exporting your scene.