won't animate, Stage Essentials

First of all, I’m a beginner. I know how to use flash, so frames, keyframes, onion skins etc. I’m familiar with, however it seems to be different with this software.

As many stupid mistakes I’m sure the solution is very simple but therefor also very difficult to find. So here’s my question…

I try to animate, following several tutorials where it works seamlessly, yet whenever I change the drawing at a particular frame or keyframe it changes the appearance of that drawing on the entire timeline, thus not making an animation.

What am I doing wrong?
THanks for help!

You are editing your current drawing rather than creating a new drawing and changing that. If you look at the Xsheet, the different frame positions should have different cel labels.

Alternately copy the current cel, paste it into the next frame and edit that frame. Remember that you can show any previously done drawing by typing that drawing’s cel label into the Xsheet frame for that same element at a different frame.




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