Won’t export scene fully

Hello there. It’s seems that I have run into s problem multiple times in toon boom harmony. And that problem is not being able to export the whole scene in movie. I click ok and the settings I like, audio and all, and I watch the movie back on my desktop after It was exported. Only to find that it cut off the end of the audio and the last 30 or so frames of the movie. Now, I have the trail, so I assume it has something to do with that? Please help.

I recommend this to everyone rendering video from within TB: Render images (png is a good format for that) and assemble the video outside TB in any video editing software. TB video render is far from the best and it’s industry standard to assemble the video in other software anyway. It will save you a lot of problems on the long run (for example, render just one portion of your work in case of some correction).