windows vista solution?

hey guys,
I was looking to buy toonboom express for windows when i decided to try it out first. When i tried installing it on my pc however i got a message saying that my operating system is invalid basically. I’m running vista rc1 and i was wondering if anyone knows if and when toonboom is going to add windows vista support. Thanks a lot.

Hi Chabet,

Are you using Vista 32 bits or Vista 64 bits?

The actual patch to fit Vista is to be release by the end of the month for Toon Boom Studio v3.5. As for Express for now it has not yet been tested on Windows Vista so I cannot guarantee it will work under the OS.

As for compatibility with Vista 64 bits there might be some difficulties with some export feature because Quicktime is not yet Vista compatible and therefor you won’t be able to output to certain format. Though you should be able to install it by running the application under compatibility mode (Right click>Property>Compatibility>select windows xp 32 bits)

Best regards.


I am running the 32-bit version. does this mean i will have to buy the costiler v3.5 if i want to run toonboom?

Hi Chabet,

Has previously mentioned, the current version of Toon Boom Studio that is for sales was released quite some time before Vista came in the picture and Toon Boom Studio Express v3.0 was not tested on the platform since it is not in production anymore?

So officially for the moment our only software that is fully compatible with Windows Vista is Toon Boom Studio v3.5.

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