Windows to Mac

This is just hypathetical, but somtimes in the future I was thinking of switching from my PC to Mac and Apple and all that, but I bought Toon Boom Studio about two months ago. Would I have to re-buy it for Mac, just download the PC download to it because there no different, or can I get it converted somehow? Thanks.

I moved from Windows XP to Max OS X just a few months ago. TBS5 and Storyboard both installed and ran on the Mac with no issues.

All that I did was download the software tagged for the Mac. The install directions were a bit confusing. Install as an administrator and you should be okay.


In order to move from Windows to Mac, first before you uninstall make sure that you deactivte your license. Please follow the deactivation intructions in the knowledge base:

Then just log on to your user account on the Toon Boom website and download the Mac installer. You should now be able to install and reactivate your license on your mac. You should be able to open all your files there now with no issues.

Toon Boom Support

Thank you very much. I will keep this in mind if I ever am able to save up for a Mac! X-D It’ll take ages!