Windows and Mac OS compatibility

Hello guys! How do you solve the compatibility problems if some animators are working on Windows and some on Mac OS? Or it can not been solved. And need to chose Win or Mac?

what compatibility problems? if stations are on same version of harmony, and not trial or anything, the project files should be compatible between operating systems. are you asking preemptively or have you actually run into compatibility problems (if so, you should ask this in troubleshooting)?

Yes, I’m asking about what you said. Is it possible to use Harmony file created by Windows on Mac and conversely?


check this discussion (still valid):

there are probably some other caveats beyond those mentioned in that thread, depending on your workflow – symbol libraries, naming conventions, extra scripts, ofx plugins, 3d integration nuts and bolts, etc. – but the core project files should be ok to share.

Thanks a lot!