Windows 8.1 Monitor Calibration

I know this looks like a Microsoft or hardware maker issue. However, I am new to both Windows, my computer and Harmony, and seem to be in a box canyon. When I calibrate a second monitor for use with Harmony, the calibrated settings are not maintained after the computer is restarted. The correct setting are actually in place when I first reboot, but then the old, incorrect setting take over after a few seconds of logging in. No combination of saving or applying that I have tried seems to help. I was in live chat last night with Microsoft at midnight - not fixed. I have another session scheduled tomorrow with level 2 support.

I have persistence turned off for the onboard Intel graphics card, so the Nvidia card is suppose to be able to take over (from Nvidia user forums). It doesn’t help here.

I’d like to know what other Toonboom users are doing, since your perceptions are going to be specifically refined for needs like mine. My drivers are up to date as best they can be. I am using a Nvidia performance management app to keep the driver updated. There is a disclaimer that it is best to get drivers formatted by the computer maker. That is not possible.

My new computer maker Asus is providing tech support that is, by their own admission, for machines two years out of date. The video drivers they code with the correct machine ID only go up to Windows 8.0 (2012) - nothing for 8.1 (2013-14). Nothing they recommend works. I’m just glad it has not trashed my machine.

Eberhard Werle, the author of Quick Gamma monitor calibration, has perfectly described my problem. He identifies the problem in a way that I call ‘LUT loading roulette’. Which ever app loads the LUT settings last - wins. This is a years old problem with Windows. Oh well, at least I don’t feel so alone anymore.

as i’ve never encounted this issue before, i’m curious. so it was just the second display that was not correctly maintaining calibration? did this fix your issue?

This problem appears with any monitor, including a laptop’s own screen. The Gamma calibration tool looked like it was starting to load last and make the need for routine manual calibration go away. Then, I started getting routine crashes related to the Nvidia graphics card. I had recently allowed Microsoft to make some system updates, so I’m not sure if Gamma or Microsoft was responsible. I uninstalled Gamma and let Microsoft install one more set of updates that looked like it was suppose to fix display related driver issues. I have not had another crash of that nature (though I can make Harmony crash, particularly when playing with particles).

Taking advice from the Nvidia forums, I have turned off automatic Microsoft updates. I’m screening updates to eliminate the introduction of problematic code related to drivers. I’ve read that Microsoft updates can leave remnants of old code that are suspected of causing instability.

If Asus was timely about properly encoded driver updates and BIOS, I suspect I would not be having this calibration problem; maybe even avoiding the crash issues. From what I can see online, Lenovo looks like they are much better at Windows 8.1 updates. I bought the Asus for the better graphics card - somewhat ironically.