Windows 10 and Harmony 10 freezing with the colour picker

We’ve been upgrading our machines from W7 to WX. During our initial testing we ran into an issue with the colour picker freezing up when selecting a colour. Something that we’ve done with TB10.3.1.9697 for years now. But looks like the more machines that we move over to Windows 10, the issues is showing up on different hardware now.

Dell T7500 with Quadro 4000
HP Z620 with Quadro K4000
HP Z440 with Quadro M4000.
All three model types when upgraded to Windows 10, all seem to be having the same colour picker issue with it freezing.
Tried online, offline.
An existing scene and a new one.
Tried different stage user profiles.
Tried a new user profile on the Windows 10 desktop.
Rolled back video drivers on all models.
Updated video drivers to the latest Nvidia release.
Removed and re-installed Harmony.

Colour picker looks like it isn’t doing anything when you pick a colour. Doing a CTRL+ALT+Del and then ESC, will then show the colour that was picked.

On the same equipment, TB12 and the colour picker works fine.

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I did see this issue in the past. Is the issue with or are you testing this out with Harmony 14?

There was some work done on the dropper in the Colour Picker window in Harmony 12 and 14, mainly regarding the support of Mac Retina display.

I will ask our Support team to help out with this issue.

Thank you for the detailed explanation,


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For this issue, which is a bit of a random one that could be linked to the graphic card, we made a fix in version 12 on the way to select the colour by dragging the cursor rather than picking. Is the issue with 10.3, 12, or 14?

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