Window7 64 pro activation problem solved


Ok I have the work around to get Animate and Animate pro to activate under
when useing windows 7 64 bit, My version is the pro version.

go to TB animate directory/ nt / bin set comparability mode to xp serv pack 3 for all application files this is for stable operation.

Now the important part be sure the folowing files are set to xp sev pack 2. All of these files are in Animatexxxx/nt/bin. For those that don’t know how to se comparability mode. Right click the file select property’s =, compatibility TAB . click xp and select the sevice pack 2 option in the drop down. Do this for all these files. Run animate /xxx from the desktop icon and activate as you normally would.


You will now be able to run the wizard and use the quick activation via internet in the normal way.

Hope this helps


Thank you for posting your solution here - not many users of Windows 7 64-bit have problems activating the software. What was the actual problem that you were encountering? Was it a looping license wizard?

Toon Boom Support

Yes it was the looping license wizard.

And the problem has now reacquired after winblows updated this morning.
So once again I am unable to use the software. It seems I will be forced to use other software to get my project completed.

Could you please email directly - there are several procedures that can be tried out to solve your issue.

Toon Boom Support

Thank you

I did re-solve the problem. The winblows update cleared the exceptions in the firewall. All I needed to do was reset the firewall and re-add the exceptions.



I am glad that you were able to resolve your problem again. I will take note of this problem so that I can let R&D know that this is a recurring issue for some users. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything that we can do about this if you have automatic update turned on - but we will investigate further.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Toon Boom Support