window missing

I have just download the trial version of TBS.
Everything seems to be OK in creating my own file until I open a demo file download from your site.
The drawing window disappear, but it shows normal in full screen.
I have tried to re-install TBS but it is still the same.
What can I do?

I am running Mac OSX Tiger.

Did you close the drawing window? If you close it, when you close TBS and start it up again it still won’t be there. To open up the drawing window you have to go to to the tab that say’s Window, but since your on Mac I don’t know what the tab will say, but in this tab there is an option that say’s Show Drawing View, this should open it.

Thank you!

After removing the .plist file from my reference folder, the problem is fixed.

But I still not sure what is the problem ???

i suppose (but not sure) there is a ‘recent settings’ in the software. it opens the program in the last saved version. maybe the settings is being stored in .plist file?
as ssj3 wrote: when you close some window in the software and then terminate the program, the ‘closed-window-setting’ is being remembered and executed during the new start. but again, only supposing.

I confirm. This is exactly what’s happening. The window size and positions are memorized after you close the application and are stored in a .plist file.