Window management

The detached windows in Animate pro 2 (like network view, timeline, etc) behave separately, so if you jump from animate to another program and back, you need to bring up each of the windows again. This can be pretty annoying and time consuming if you are using another program as well as Animate.
The detached display windows should all be connected to the main window, and appear in the task bar as one (like TB Studio)

I’m in Windows 7, with a 3 monitor setup. I see that I can automatically recall my workspace by going into the menu and selecting my saved configuration, but this can get in the way when hopping back an forth between Animate and After Effects, or Photoshop, for example.
Is there already some way to have all the Animate windows pop-right back into place when I jump back to the program?

" it’s the native behaviour of the operating system that determines how it behaves."

just to chime in here - Im not an IT guy or anything but in my experience im not sure thats entirely the case. I have the same problem outlined above with animate pro 2 spread over multiple screens with multiple panels

i also have the same arrangement with after effects (which is what im usually jumping back and forth to) - after effects ALWAYS brings up all my detached panels with a single click on the task bar icon, and the icon shows as a single instance in the task bar. Animate pro 2 shows as multiple instances in the task bar and needs multiple clicks to get all panels back on screen.

Also - it not consistant - sometimes the library will regain focus, othertimes i can see its there but a browser window (or whatever) will still be sitting on top of it.

also - a regular problem i find is that with some detached panels they dont regain focus on the screen when clicked on - ie: i can see a detached timeline panel showing from under a browser window - i click on the timeline in an attempt to bring it forward and on top of the browser window but it doesnt work - i need to minimise the browser window to get to the timeline.

also using windows 7

Not sure what the issue or fix is here - but its a common problem for myself and others i work with. :slight_smile:

Are you on Windows or Mac?



So I double-checked this one with the team, and there’s not much that we can do here. What happens is that when you detach a window, it’s the native behaviour of the operating system that determines how it behaves.

There are some studios that are setting things up so that instead of actually detaching the window, they’re doing one enlarged window that spans across the 2 monitors, and then they save this workspace.