Win10 Compatibility?

So I downloaded the Storyboard trial nearly 2 weeks ago and was looking forward to trying out the program but upon unpacking of the installer within the exe the installer just closes instantly without installing anything. I figured it was my antivirus so I disabled it and tried installing again to no avail.

So next I figured that the program is just not compatible with Win10 but I’ve seen on the forums that some people with Win10 HAVE managed to get it to work but with a multitude of errors and some with no issue.

Sadly my trial will most likely expire without me being able to try the program and even worse, I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this Storyboarding program and it isn’t working for me.

Any suggestions?
And thank you!

Storyboard Pro 4.2 can run on Windows 10, we are updating the
System Requirements shortly on the website to reflect this.

Perfect! Thank you!

I have upgraded to Windows 10, and I need to re-install Storyboard Pro 4.2, but a requester pops up saying it is not compatible. I have looked on the website for the requirements statement, but this only applies to the new version 5. I cannot afford the upgrade, and I need my 4.2 to run now. What is the problem?

I’m running 4.2 myself on Windows 10 and never got this message.
Are you sure it’s not some security software that’s blocking you
from installing the software?

Are you making sure to install from an Administrator user account?

It has been sorted out. I got in touch with technical support and they sent me a link to a later version of SBP 4.2 (even though it has exactly the same version number) which does install under windows 10. I had been trying to re-install the 4.2 that was already saved on my disc.

Windows 10 has been out for months… Why is still so hard to find word on compatibility? I’m getting fed up with 8.1. From what I’ve seen, 10 is a million times better. I’m really aching to upgrade, but I use Storyboard Pro for work every day, so I can’t afford to spend time trouble-shooting if things turn out buggy. An official word from Toon Boom would be ideal, but I’d settle for testimonials from a few people who have taken the plunge and have used SBP (4.2) extensively in Windows 10. Thanks.