Win a free copy of Toon Boom Solo !

Hello everyone,

If you are interested, Toon Boom has teamed up with the AFCA (French Animated Film Association) to develop a contest for users to produce shorts for the web. 10 movies will be selected by Toon Boom and the AFCA and web visitors will decide who are the winners.

Prizes including 3 copies of Toon Boom Solo.

Everyone is invited to submit their own creation (in any language) on our web site at this address:

Good luck everyone.


Wow what is the deadline ?


To register is September but to submit is October 28th.

Good luck !

two (2) questions:

1) Since this is just a contest …would it be apropriate to use copyright music, you bought without any consent from the owner(s)?

2) They require a lot of personal information to enter…where is that information kept …am I giving them the authority to use it at will?

Regarding music… you have many other options too perhaps. has a lot of musicians on it; has a forum with a number of tv composers and “wannabees”. Another one is You may be able to hook up with someone on one of those forums who might be happy just to have the exposure… or who would be happy to help perhaps for a very very reasonable fee.

It would be more work to coordinate but would be cool to have something more customized to your piece.

Just a thought.

Hi Tiger,

1. You are right since it is a contest you need to have the rights over the music that you will use.

2.The information is for AFCA and Toon Boom’s records on the Contest participants, for the sole purpose of understanding who the participants are and developing online activities that can be of interest to them.