win 10 fall creators update + MSP

Hey all,

Just curious to know if anyone here updated to windows 10 fall creators update. I have a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, and Harmony 15 Premium just doesn’t start. I have the splash screen and boom, nothing else.
It doesn’t seem to be Graphics related (but what do I know). I’ve tried forcing the software to use either cards (the intel, and the nvidia), but in each case, I get the splash screen but no file/project selector.
In the System’s TEMP folder I get a log file telling me this:

Application : Harmony Premium
Version : Toon Boom Harmony Premium, Harmony Premium (HarmonyPremium.exe) version 15.0.0 build 13055 2017-10-12 14:25:19
O/S User name : pyerc
Debug mode : OFF
T 17:04:37.704 Preference file not found: C:/Users/pyerc/AppData/Roaming/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Harmony Premium/full-1500-pref/Harmony Premium.pref

And in the Event Manager (sorry if it’s not the correct name I have a french Windows), I get this:

Récipient d’erreurs 120855577560, type 4
Nom d’événement : APPCRASH
Réponse : Non disponible
ID de CAB : 0

Signature du problème :
P1 : HarmonyPremium.exe
P2 :
P3 : 59dfc3a0
P4 : StackHash_f896
P5 :
P6 : 00000000
P7 : c000041d
P8 : PCH_84_FROM_AcLayers+0x000000000000C38E
P9 :
P10 :

I tried reinstalling Harmony, the problem is still present.
Everything worked fine a couple of days ago.
Thanks for any help,


Ok, I reverted back to the regular Creator Update (I made a backup), and everything works again. Whew.
Anyone here from Toonboom tested Harmony 15 on the new WIN10 Update?
I’m just curious to know if anyone else has had (or is having) the problem.
All my other software worked fine (Maya, Opentoonz, TVPaint, all the Adobe softwares,…)


Try getting the crash report details from the Windows Event Viewer’s Application logs.
If the short crash report you posted above no cause is given or even hinted at.

Usually when there is a crash report like this that has absolutely no details it is due
to some security “feature” or software blocking the program from launching.

Hi and thanks for the reply.
I didn’t find anything really relevant in the Windows Event Viewer’s Application logs (but it could of course be me).
Not sure I want to reinstall the new WIN10 update when I know it’s not working for me.
I was curious to know if anyone had upgraded and was faced with the same issue.
Again it’s strange that it would only be Harmony not working…