will this work?


i was going to take footage of my storyboards on my miniDV video camera, and then input them into toon boom (via firewire cable), will that work?

or if i was to input the footage into adobe premiere then, open it in toon boom, would that be easier?

*would flash be more compatible for this idea?

We often use a DV camera to shoot material in place of a scanner. There are a number of frame capture applications that will support either a web cam or a DV camera. We use FrameThief for the Mac but there are PC applications also. You can then record your story board panels as raster images in various formats such as jpgs or tiffs ect.

Then all you need to do is import them into TBS as part of an image element. Once imported you can set up exposures on your time line to “slug” or pad out the story board to suit your desired presentation timing. And if you add a scratch sound track, you can even create an animatic of the actual production.

The only advantage of Flash VS TBS for this type of activity would be if you wanted to add interactivity for a more slide show effect. Which we never do because we prefer to time out the boards and watch them as they would flow in the final production. -JK

okay…here is what i want to do, take footage of my storyboards, input them into Toon Boom Studio V2 (if possible), and almost have a digital comic of sorts, moving some of the layers around in each storyboard (is that possible?)

what i am wondering is what is the best way to do that, meaning, how do i get my storyboards onto TBS or Flash (if that program would work better?)

This is only a suggestion. If you are wanting to create a digital comic that is interactive and allows you to move forward or backward thru the pages then you need to use Flash and action scripted buttons for interactivity. In any case the first step is to capture your story board panels digitally either by digital photography or by image scanning. Once your hand drawn panels are digitized into your computer you will import them into either Flash or Toon Boom Studio and organize them on a time line for presentation. If you do this interactively in Flash you would have to include next and previous buttons for each frame to allow you to move forward and backward through the panels as you view them. If you do this in TBS there are no buttons or scripting available so you would just create a slide show effect by extending the exposure of each panel for some designated number of frames to allow that panel to remain on the screen for a designated amount of time. For example, if your frame rate was 12 FPS then you would expose a panel for 36 frames to allow it to remain on the screen for 3 seconds. Each panel in this example would be spaced 36 frames from the pevious panel and you would end up with a slide show of panels changing every 3 seconds. -JK

so just use a digital camera to capture each individual storyboard then, from there, input each into TBS and from there I can begin to play with the layers of each (how would i do that? is there a way to select each layer of a drawing?) or it must be more complicated than that. can i paint each storyboard (add color) in TBS or is it advisable to use a program like ‘adobe photoshop’ to do preliminary coloring of each storyboard first? using a digital camera would make my life a whole lot easier than using a video camera?

i really don’t know what to do ??? ??? ???

Capture your storyboard panels either by scanning or by using a digital camera or web cam. Once you have the panels captured, if you want or need to edit them: for example cut multiple panels per page down into individual panels or add color to your panels, you will want to do this in a graphics program such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements etc. Your scanned images are bitmap graphics and can not be directly edited in Toon Boom. TBS only allows editing of vector graphics. Once you have fully prepared your storyboard panels in your graphic editing program save a copy of each panel using some form of sequential naming such as sb001, sb002, sb003 etc. Then when you go to import them into a Toon Boom image element you can select them and they will import in your desired order in the exposure sheet column for that image element.

I’m not sure what kind of layers you are refering to in your question, all of your story board panels will be imported into a single image element which means one timeline layer or track in Toon Boom. If you are refering to layers in your bitmapped graphics those can only be edited in a graphic editing program such as Photoshop.

so the steps in this process are:
1. scan or digitize storyboard panels into computer
2. open digitized storyboard in a graphics editing program and cut into individual panels and embellish as desired with color / text etc.
3. save a copy of each story board panel in a sequentually named file in the desired graphics format (IE. jpeg, gif, png, tiff etc)
4. create a new project in Toon Boom studio
5. create an image element in that project’s scene one exposure sheet
6. import image from file into that image element all of your sequentually named storyboard panels, just start the import on frame one of the image element in the exposure sheet.
7. extend the exposures for each panel as desired to allow that panel to be seen on screen for the desired time frame
8. add camera moves if desired in the viewing of the panels
9. save the project and publish the movie (swf, quicktime ect.)
10. wow your friends and neighbors with your creativity.

Best wishes -JK