Will Storyboard Pro run on my Powerbook?

Hi, I just purchased a copy of Storyboard Pro. Managed to install it on my Powerbook G4 under MacOS 10.4.10 but the software wouldn’t fire up, giving an error message: “This application needs at least 24 bits color, the graphical card must be configured” …?! The Powerbook is my only Mac and I definitely need to run a storyboard software on it. So, is Storyboard Pro a $$$ mis-investment? :frowning:

Hi,The system requirements mention having a G5 has minimum requirements. I can’t guarantee the software will be working under a G4 but in any case you might want to change your screen setup since the issue seems to be related to the lack of bit depth in your screen. You should have access to that in the same place you change your screen resolution.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks a lot, Ugo. I just changed the bit depth of my Powerbook G4 to 16.7 million colors (for some obscure reason it had been switched to 32’000) and Storyboard Pro would fire up!