Will Storyboard pro 7 work on new Imacs with m2 or m2 pro chips?

Will Storyboard pro 7 still work on imac computers that have the new M1, M2 or M2 pro chips?

Also has anyone had issues with macOS 13: Venture or even with the new macOS 14: Sonoma that will be coming soon?

I want to get a new machine and Im worried that storyboard pro 7 wont work on these new builds and OS…

Only Storyboard Pro 20.1 and newer have native support for Apple Silicon processors. Older versions will run under Rosetta and users have reported issues.

SBpro 22.0.2 works on MacOS 13 and currently it’s loading without issues on 14 Sonoma for me, on a M2 Macbook.