Will not allow me to SEND TO BACK

I have the upper arm of my character in front of the torso and want to send to back.

I have the torso above the upper arm in the hierarchy and i have tried sending to back bringing to front but with no luck.

I have tried searching the forum but no luck their either.

When I use the alt up or down arrow command nothing happens.

When I manually change the pos z it only moves it up and down and not back. I have tried the plus option and minus option and also have tried using small to big numbers and larger to smaller values as well.

SORRY, for such a late response. I am using animate 2 going to try this advice out let you know how it works

Thank you…problem solved. its amazing how something will take hours to figure out and only a second to solve once the knowledge has been discovered

When using the Send to Back and Bring to Front commands, those are only to bring strokes in front of or behind other strokes within a single drawing.

To move one drawing in front of or behind another, then you want to animate the position in Z. Using the Transform tool, make sure the focus (red outline) is around the Camera View. You also probably want the Animate button on so that you create a keyframe. Then Alt+Down will bring it forward, Alt+Up will move it back. The focus has to be around the Camera for this shortcut to work.

If the layer looks like it’s moving in front of or behind other layers in the Top or Side Views, but doesn’t appear that way in the Camera View, then are you using Symbols? Symbols flatten everything out. It’s better to not use symbols for characters.

Are you using Animate, Animate Pro, or Harmony?


Such is life! The key is knowing how to find the answers! Questions always pop up as you’re learning a software.